New projects focus on disease prevention and data collection across three continents.

14 February

In the second half of 2022, WDF supported a variety of projects in Africa, India and the Philippines. One of these is the continued campaign in the Philippines on Addressing Pregnancy Hyperglycaemia by Nutrition Education and Services. Through this project, many pregnant mothers can gain access to information on GDM and help them have a safe pregnancy. These projects truly reflect WDF’s focus on diabetes care at the primary level and primary prevention targeting pregnant women and children. Stay tuned for more information on GDM that we will be posting in the following days! Ang BUNTIS NA WALANG DIABETES ay TALAGANG KANAIS-NAIS! Together, let’s #BeatGDM for a #HealthyPilipinas! #FeatureFriday #EndocrineWitch #GestationalDiabetesMellitus #GDM #AccessingGDMCare #IRHPH #WDF